Video Production Services

We are strong proponents of a video-first marketing strategy. Making everything you envisioned come to life through the art of visual storytelling.

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Make an impactful connection with your audience by sharing your story in an intimate way.


We capture events of all sizes including live stream options.


Promote your business, product, or event using the power of video.


Share your expertise using online courses or educational content that will draw your audience in.


We specialize in interviews, testimonials, overview videos, or anything to support your corporate or business messaging.


Selling a home? Highlight the property and its surroundings with a home tour that will leave the viewer wanting to see more.

“Kri is so wonderful to work with in so many ways. She is so thoughtful when it comes to storytelling, capturing B-roll, and crafting together amazing videos. She is professional, timely, and so much fun. Anytime I need content for my business, I immediately call Kri! If you want someone who takes the time to care and understand so you get the best outcome, Kri is your girl!”

– Casey Jade

Las Vegas Video Production

Video is the most powerful way to tell your story and connect with your audience.

How we communicate with the world has evolved and continues to evolve, both as individuals and in business. Videos have become an important piece of business marketing and advertising and for good reason. Video marketing makes your story powerful and persuasive. Video production with KRICO Productions will keep your videos on brand using effective marketing tools to share with the world.

We understand the importance of your brand and the visual messaging behind it. Our video production services can help your small business stand out and thrive. We put in the time and energy to understand your voice, your customer, and your goals to create high-quality videos that you’ll love. What you envision, we can make happen. Our team is ready to handle every aspect of the job, from setup and recording to editing and publishing, and everything in between.

Our Las Vegas video production team can produce short films, event highlights, live-streaming, ads, testimonials, interviews, video web content, and more.